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Rain Bird ESP-ME3 - Advanced Irrigation Control

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The NEW Rain Bird ESP-ME3 series controller is the new standard in advanced residential irrigation control. This latest evolution in the ESP-ME series builds on the success of its predecessors; with the familiar layout on the dial, location of the screen and navigation buttons all still present. The controller also starts out with a 4-station module and is expandable up to 22 station using the existing modules – great if you are upgrading an existing controller. It is compatible with the Rain Bird Wi-Fi LNK module, again giving that familiar feel if you are used to using the app to control your irrigation system.

The key features you will notice on this controller are:

  • A new large backlit LCD display; this 3” display is easy to read especially in a dark garage or shed, and with a reactive display it will switch the colours making the controller easy to read in direct sunlight – no more tilting your head to view the controller at a specific angle to read the screen!
  • The ability to connect up a flow meter; it is also compatible with multiple sizes and makes of wired flow meter. This allows for flow monitoring; which can give you a warning about excessive or low flow situation.
  • New simplified and standardised colour scheme; the positions of the colour coded dial and larger text make it easier to understand and explain the programming whether you are a seasoned contractor or homeowner trying to understand your irrigation controller.
  • In addition, there are a number of Special Features these include the ability to save and restore a default program within a few button presses, setting use of the Master Valve, Rain Sensor and Flow Sensor by station.

Once coupled with the Rain Bird LNK Module this controller becomes even more powerful. You will be able to access it anywhere in the world via your smart phone. You will have the power to adjust irrigation run times, turn the controller on/off, manually run a station or program, configure the seasonal adjustment and you can switch on the Simple ET which allows real time weather data to automatically adjust your irrigation run times for you. Simply download the Rain Bird app from your preferred app store.

To find out more information on this controller on our website please click here. Alternatively, please contact a member of the LWS team.